September 12, 2022

Celebrate Chilean Independence Day! 

Hello Dear Readers:
September is here and it’s time to celebrate the warmest time of the year in San Francisco, the first days of spring in Chile, and “El 18”—as the Chilean Independence is popularly called since it’s commemorated on September 18th. 

This year I will not be producing an event but I will be taking orders for those that will be celebrating at home throughout our beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Please place your orders via email at You’d be amazed at how many different sites I have to check to track down orders: WhatsApp, Text, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. You get my drift.

I’m happy to say that this summer I took a break during the entire month of August! It was kind of do or die. I feel like Joan of Arc against the forces of evil trying to stay in business, and becoming a martyr is not my thing. There was a time when taking a month off was considered a reasonable vacation. 
During my break I visited very dear friends and spent time in Sonoma, with my mother who visited from NYC. I also rented a fabulous little cabin in Nevada City and now I want to move there. Something as simple as a working parking meter can be more therapeutic than all the motivational videos listed on YouTube. One quarter gives you 30 minutes? Wow! How civilized. I simply loved the area and swimming in the Yuba river was revitalizing.

I also had the privilege to spend time with the illustrious Matías Bombal. He gave me a tour of the Sacramento Delta in “Eva,” his 1959 Mercedes Benz. I loved every minute of driving without seatbelts in the plush original car seats. Eva first departed Germany to Puerto Varas, southern Chile, and ultimately landed in Sacramento, California. Matías Bombal’s family history is legendary and his expertise in the motion picture industry and jazz over the decades, makes him an authority. There’s so much to see in gold country and, believe it or not, ties between Chile and California go as far back as the forty-niners.

On a different note, please mark your calendars for a couple of events that I will be producing during the month of October. Oakland-based Susan Mathews is exhibiting her paintings at a month-long show called Back to the Beat, at Canessa Gallery in North Beach. Susan invited me to host First Fridays in North Beach on October 7th, when I’ll be presenting a reading and book signing by Vivian Pisano. Vivian’s memoir, “Living in Two Worlds,” is her personal account about growing up between Chile and the United States, to an American mother and Chilean father. The event starts at 5:00 PM.
Canessa Printing Co.708 Montgomery St.San Francisco, CA 94111

On Friday, October 21st, at this same location, I am presenting “Los Cantores de Arica,” an Aymara group touring the US. The Aymara represent the Andean region, they are the indigenous people of northern Chile, Bolivia and Peru. They will give a workshop and present their music.
Speaking of events, do not forget that Flower Piano is happening this upcoming weekend in the SF Botanical Garden. This event is simply fabulous! Don’t miss it.

Finally, if you want to check out a truly traditional Chilean Independence Day celebration, join us next Sunday, September 18th, at an “asado” (BBQ) picnic organized by the Centro Chileno Lautaro in Twin Pines Park, Belmont. This year the Centro Chileno Lautaro celebrates its 65th year anniversary! Congratulations are in order for that’s quite an extraordinary milestone considering that this cultural center has survived on a small group of volunteers. I’m attaching the flyer and for further information you can call 415.661.6909. Hope to see you there!

¡Viva Chile!
Paula TejedaChile Lindo

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Like mother, like daughter!
Thank you Tonya for hosting me in Napa and for all your support and encouragement. 
Tonya Hennessey is a food and travel writer and a phenomenal fundraiser. Check out her website

Historic district, Nevada City, California

Matías Bombal and Eva, Sacramento, CA
Locke Historic District, developed between 1893-1915. The town was built by Chinese for Chinese residents.
Of course the first non-Chinese joint in the town would with be owned by an Italian.
Back at Matías Bombal’s garage and his remarkable collection of films and historic equipment.
The film projector above is the last of its kind before the industry transitioned to digital. The one below, still in perfect condition, is from 1921.
Matías Bombal’s latest project is digitizing an extraordinary collection of Theatre Organ Recordings. Please take the time to check them out, and you can make a donation for this project via his GoFundMe campaign, so that he can continue dedicated to keeping these treasures alive for those of us that are nostalgic for days gone by.


Here’s to Club Deluxe staying open–I was devastated when I heard this jazz venue was closing! Thanks to supervisor Dean Preston’s intervention between the club owner and the landlord we are not loosing this jazz club. Whew! That was close. Read the story here.

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